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Hint #2

I like to go for a lot of walks and sometimes it's with the camera and sometimes it's not. (Shocking. I know! The funny thing is that it's usually at those camera-less times that I find the most interesting subjects!) As I was walking one Sunday morning, I saw this leaf and knew I just had to have it and take it home and give it "the studio treatment."

I really like to keep things simple (Hint #2) so for me, the studio treatment is an art book that has white pages and another white page that is used if the spine of the book will be seen in the image. I do have a nice big white piece of perplex that can be used for bigger subjects but I find that 9 times out of 10 the book does a great job. Said art book also has black pages so when the subject calls for it it's nice and easy to swap I said, keeping it simple.

Until next time...



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