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Chris - Strangers Project

I was really into the 100 strangers project. You know the one, where you walk up to a complete stranger and ask to take their picture and find out a little about them.

Now, I would have put up all of the previous images onto this site however, my external hard drive had a heart attack and decided to die peacefully on me - so I feel like I'm starting fresh.

So fresh in fact that I didn't even think to ask Chris about himself as it's been quite a while since I've done this sort of thing and I was rather chuffed that I had the courage to approach Chris and ask for his permission to take his photos. So, instead I'll tell you a little of how we met.

I was at the Power Kart Raceway (Feel the Rush!) on Sunday taking photos of jnr and his friends getting ready to race. I noticed this young man with pink hair and wondered if he would mind me taking his photo. He didn't and I snapped away.

The lighting was average at best and I was using my 70-200 lens as I wanted the reach for the racing carts.

I've got to say it has inspired me to start approaching strangers again with the camera and ask to take their picture so watch this space for more strangers.



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